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LimeLife-Simply Me

LimeLife by Alcone
Natural SKIN CARE and Professional MAKEUP


Hello! I'm a Beauty Guide for LimeLife by Alcone. You may be asking yourself, what exactly does that mean. Well it means I'm here to tell you about products that are not only safe to use on your body but also top quality ingredients that last and produce results. I'm here to walk with you step-by-step to choose products that are right for your skin type and lifestyle. 

Feel empowered knowing that all of our skin care is not only free of harmful chemicals and unsafe ingredients, but that it actually works. Because we are always curating and adjusting, bringing you the products that bring our your true beauty.

To us, using professional makeup isn't about copying trends, but about having the best possible tools to create a look that is 100% you. Create your customized palettes, and trust that you're using tried-and-true formulas sourced with integrity.

Here are some of my favorite products!

Blenderful &
Clean Act Sponge Cleaner
Farm to Tub Soap
Charcoal & Peppermint
Skin Polish &
Mask of Zen
Dream Clean
Cool Balm
Perfect Mascara &
Waterproof Mascara
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